Terence J Hughes.
I have written and recorded material in English,Japanese,Spanish and Portuguese and placed music in Film and Multimedia and has been featured on radio home and abroad including the BBC.


Ear Worms a new band bridging the gap between Studio and Live performance.

Fan Feedback “ utterly captivating… fantastic juxtaposition with film… gorgeous, gorgeous music world class musicians.
”“wow…fabulous tune…love the lyrics and incredible arrangement….you have some killer players backing you up.”
“ye be one gifted dude!!   fantastic music”



4 thoughts on “Music

  1. Jill Dixon says:

    Well hi there Terry … love the music!!! I still love your original tune of 1975 Plara Mara custard 😜 lol hope you remember it…
    Left my email address… be great to hear from you !!

  2. Dave Pitt says:

    Hi Terry

    Really enjoyed hearing you and Rob tonight at the Green Dragon, so much so I had to check the website out too! Look forward to hearing Earworm at some point.
    I see you’re a Brummie, active in the 70’s. Surprised we haven’t run into each other at The Golden Eagle or The Railway in Curzon St. Anyway, great songs and a great sound with Rob on the box and infill vocals. I couldn’t stop drumming on the table top!


    1. admin says:

      Hi Dave
      Much appreciated,I used to hang out in both those pubs, very long hair and high heel boots, just helped an old mate from those
      days Paul Eastment (Ghost) great times, not so many tribute bands about. Anyways Im releasing a lot more songs soon will keep you
      Thanks again (peaky blinder)


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