Livable Planet

Pilot event at Worcester Community Garden 29th August

Small World Video’s

Each time history repeats itself, the price goes up.” The collapse of the first civilization on earth, the Sumerian, affected only half a million people.
The fall of Rome affected tens of millions. If ours were to fail, it would, of course, bring catastrophe on billions.
The three largest forces on the planet—technology, globalization, and climate change—are all accelerating at once. As a result, so many aspects of our societies, workplaces, and geopolitics are being reshaped and need to be reimagined.
Capitalism lures us onward like the mechanical hare before the greyhounds, insisting that the economy is infinite and sharing therefore irrelevant.
Just enough greyhounds catch a real hare now and then to keep the others running till they drop. In the past it was only the poor who lost this game; now it is the planet.

Wright, Ronald. A Short History Of Progress . Canongate Books. Kindle Edition.

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