Manfred’s Lament
So at last here I am
Some see half of me
Some see half a man
Most see in me what they are looking for..

What are they looking for?

If this life has just itself to please
Then I am bound by it’s pain and delight
No hell or heaven here conceived
What now will you believe?

Still this sound waves through me
It whispers to me
It says sing your song
There are those waiting to sing along.

I must do what my here lets me do
While you decide what here mean’s for you
No matter No Matter
It’s part of the show

As we press against this world
We become the rope that binds us
The knot that defines us
Hoping that the wounds don’t show

Held together by bandage
It folds around us
It’s what BINDS us
Held together by bandage
hoping that the wounds don’t SHOW



She swings the trapeze
Hanging and spinning, hair neck and toe,
Up and down and around she goes
Flying free fall, I reach to catch her in my gaze
She’s a shooting star, Heaven has sent

No safety net.
Her eyes see the present her ears hear the past
Nobody flies for free any breath could be her last.
She swings the trapeze, I fall for her, she falls for me, extraordinarily
I can see, ears see the present eyes hear the past
Nobody flies for free any breath could be her last.

Free is not easy, reality don’t owe us a thing
Cameras clinging like raindrops, snapshots of everything.
It’s unsafe at any speed, your body aches your hands they bleed
Don’t care what you want or what you need
It’s unsafe at any speed.

She swings the trapeze, she quadruples with the greatest of please
We see but we can’t believe..
FREE is not easy, out of nowhere can come a fall,
Destiny clinging like teardrops can’t find a reason at all.

Everyone can see
Our love
It’s a BLAST.

Hocus Pocus
Hocus Pocus they are trying to dope us
Cast a spell oh! so potent
It’s hocus Pocus
Hocus Pocus
They’re trying to choke us
Keep us in the dark and grope us
It’s hocus pocus.

So they play you for the fool
they laugh, they ridicule
Lick their lips as they drool
They play you for the fool

Hocus Pocus
Resisting is hopeless
Cast their spell in the pot they throw us
It’s hocus pocus
There’s always good and evil
There’s always wrong and right
If you ain’t dead you’re living
In the shadow or the light
Hocus Pocus
They try and soft soap us
Boil us in their brew we don’t taste atrocious
It’s Hocus Pocus


Junk food Monkeys
It’s all tripe and no onions at the ministry of wealth
All these doors and no doorways can’t be good for the health
Weather and no forecast at the office of no surprise
We all no what we’re getting
When the oracle predicts its own demise
We all know it’s a dogs dinner
And the apple cart is so upset
There’s so much food out in the kitchen
Maybe we can eat ourselves to death

Junk food Monkeys, we no swing from tree to tree
I’m a homo erectus capachino, from the jungle i am free
Take a closer look you’ll see
Junk food Monkeys are we.