Terence J Hughes.
English composer, singer, songwriter,multi instrumentalist and performer. My formative years were spent as a Bassist, with a reputation for a unique approach to the Instrument. My immersion in the Birmingham scene throughout the 1970s exposed me to a wide range of musical influences, many of which filter into my distinctive style.
Co founded a number of Indie Labels, writing,recording and releasing over 15 Albums of New music worldwide. I have written and recorded material in English,Japanese,Spanish and Portuguese and placed music in Film and Multimedia and has been featured on radio, including the BBC.

Ear Worms a new band bridging the gap between Studio and Live performance.

Preview of forthcoming release.

Fan Feedback “ utterly captivating… fantastic juxtaposition with film… gorgeous, gorgeous music world class musicians.
”“wow…fabulous tune…love the lyrics and incredible arrangement….you have some killer players backing you up.”
“ye be one gifted dude!!   fantastic music”



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